Whether you are an individual, a landscaping company, a land clearing company, or another business that produces "green-waste" you can bring your brush, stumps, leaves, grass clippings and more to be dumped at our facility. Click here to view a full list of accepted materials. 

Grass Clippings and Leaves*

Truck Bed

Trailer (w/ low sides) ($1.25/foot)

Dump Truck (14 Yard)

 Roll-Off (40 Yard)



$20 (16ft Trailer)



Do you have a business that pays fees to have waxed cardboard disposed of? Does your business pay more than it should for waste disposal of food waste or other organics? You have other options! Call 903-360-4573 to find out our disposal fees for your specific waste products.

*All plastic bags must be removed from leaves