Custom Blending Available

Listed prices are based on less than 14 cubic yards (dump truck load)

For bulk Pricing call 903-969-0317

For Wholesale rates contact Justin at 903-574-2103



Premium Compost

$45 per cubic yard

Composted carbon and chicken litter blended with greensand 3/8” minus.
Top of the line product.


Contractor's Compost

$25 per cubic yard

Vegetative compost screened to 1/2” minus.

Landscaper’s choice for landscape bed creation.

Erosion Control Compost

$20 per cubic yard

Meets TXDOT Specifications for Bid Item 161. Certified by United States Compost Council.

Ideal for industrial re-vegetation.


Soil Blends

Soil blends landscapers bedding soil.jpg

Landscapers Bedding Soil

$24 per cubic yard

Blend of Contractor’s Compost and Native Sandy Loam.

Used to create new beds.

Raised Bed Blend

$50 per cubic yard

Blend of Aged Pine Bark, Washed Sands, and Premium Compost. Blended to provide superior soil structure that retains moisture and encourages root growth.

Ideal for raised vegetable beds.

soil blend professionals growers blend.jpg

Professional Growers Blend

$40 per cubic yard

Blend of Aged Pine Bark and Premium Compost. Created as a substitute for peat moss.

Ideal for direct sowing seeds

soil blend rose blend.jpg

Rose Blend

$36 per cubic yard

Blend of Pine Bark and Washed Sands.

Formulated for the perfect pH.

Enriched Topsoil

$40 per cubic yard

Blend of Premium Compost and Native Sandy Loam Topsoil.

Premium Bedding Material.

Top Dress Blend

$38 per cubic yard

Blend of our Turf Dress Compost and Washed Sand.

Used on turf to improve health and structure.




Playground Cushion

$42 per cubic yard

Pure, clean hardwood, no pallet wood

Meets ASTM specification for Playground Mulch.

mulch cedar mulch.jpg

Cedar Mulch

$40 per cubic yard

Pure, shredded Cedar Mulch.

mulch shredded hardwood mulch.jpg

Shredded Hardwood Mulch

$25 per cubic yard

Pure, clean, classic Hardwood Mulch.


Pine Bark Mulch

$38 per cubic yard



soil cushion sand.jpg

Cushion Sand

$28 per cubic yard

Screened to exclude rock and clay. Mined beneath seed zone.

General purpose sand.

soil sandy loam.jpg

Sandy Loam

$14 per cubic yard

Screened to eliminate rocks and debris. Light chocolate-milk brown.

Fine fertile sandy loam.

soils greensand.jpg

Texas Greensand

$100 per cubic yard

Potassium phyllosilicate or clay mineral. Mined from historical ocean-floor deposits. High in K and micronutrients.

Organic fertilizer, enhances green tissue, amends clay soils.

washed turf sands

Washed Turf Sands

$40 per cubic yard

Washed, high grade sand for application on lawns and commercial turfs to adjust bulk density of soil.

Washed turf sand.


Native Topsoil

$12 per cubic yard

Unscreened topsoil from excavation. May have some roots.