About Texas Organic

What Is Texas Organic?

We are an Organics Recycling, Wood Grinding, and Composting Service. We provide composts, mulches, and premium soil blends for Tyler and Northeast Texas. 

Texas Organic's Goal

Texas Organic is Growing Results by showing how the added value of a higher quality growing product will increase growth output and ongoing soil health in agricultural, landscaping, industrial, and personal gardening applications.


Meet The People

John Soules, Sr., CEO and Founder

John has built “the #1 Fajita Company in the United States” with his sons, John Jr and Mark, as well as the talented team at John Soules Foods.  John may be known for quality fajita meat, but the same mindset and ethic used to begin the John Soules Foods company is what leads him to envision Texas Organic.  That mindset and ethic is characterized by a passion to create the best good in a marketplace that lacks the highest grade product. 

John has a gift for finding value in used items that still have purpose. It is this idea that is the catalyst and concept of Texas Organic; utilizing brush, food wastes, and other organic wastes to create high quality composts, premium soil blends and mulches for northeast Texas. 

James Van Dyke, Operations Manager

James works as the Operations Manager, managing the incoming organic materials and the quality control of manufacturing the various products created at Texas Organic. 

James has a background in environmental consulting and agriculture production, focusing in soil and groundwater quality. He holds a degree from the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management from Texas A&M University and gained undergraduate and graduate level coursework and research in the Soil and Crop Science department and the Hydropedology lab.  Due to his experience in environmental soil remediation, soil research, and employment in greenhouses and on ranches, he has a balanced and “field practical” knowledge and passion for creating cost effective and productive growing materials that improve the long-term quality of soil.

Texas Organic Team

As a family-run business, the success of Texas Organic would not be possible without God as our guide and the support of our families.

John and James are joined by an experienced, driven, and courteous team of office staff, equipment operators, fabricators, and delivery drivers.