What is Compost?

Texas Organic utilizes this windrow structure to breakdown the received organic matter and produce quality growing material. 

Texas Organic utilizes this windrow structure to breakdown the received organic matter and produce quality growing material. 

Compost is the product resulting from the controlled biological decomposition of organic material that has been sanitized through the generation of heat and stabilized to the point that it is beneficial to plant growth. Compost bears little physical resemblance to the raw material from which it originated. Compost is an organic matter resource that has the unique ability to improve the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of soils or growing media. It contains plant nutrients but is typically not characterized as a fertilizer. (United States Compost Council) Learn more!


Are you concerned about what is actually in our compost? Good! Then you are our perfect customer. As a compost facility concerned about the quality of our product we voluntarily subject ourselves to the United States Composting Council, Standard of Testing Assurance program. This program helps safeguard the consumer against choosing “compost” products that have not fully stabilized and would cause plant mortality, or products with elevated salt content, or products that still have weed seeds present. Please click here to learn more about what our product is tested for.

When a bag is marked “compost and manure”, one may think to ask. “Where did this manure come from? Do any persistent herbicides remain in the product? Did they regulate the moisture content and design the piles to consistently reach temperatures that will kill any foreign weed seed? Is the compost ready to use or will it cause ‘leaf burn’ to my plants? What is the nutrient content of this material? What is the pH of the material?

 Many operations do not take these questions into consideration when creating their “compost” product. When a pile of organic material sits in a static pile without being turned, to allow for the much needed oxygen to be introduced and is starved of a consistent watering regimen, the final product cannot be expected to have a high moisture content or even be completely broken down.

Texas Organic strives to bring a consistent product that will provide enhanced plant growth. Through our windrow composting process which utilizes on-site water tanks to regulate moisture content in our windrows, which also assists with the breakdown of organic matter. We remain confident that we will provide a product that will improve the long term health of your soil. We currently perform ‘bio-assay’ testing, which is trial-testing to observe germination rates of various plant seeds in our composts.